A Peaceful Vacation

A Peaceful Vacation

Your Private Group Tour

by Avery Garrett

A private group tour offers the flexibility to view the sights that you and your party members prefer. You can even select which venues you will be visiting and what type of cuisine you will be enjoying while being escorted by your tour guide.

Types Of Tours

There are many types of tours that will enlighten and educate you and your tour group members. You could seek a boat rental and have a guide provide insight about the body of water and marine life. You could book a reservation with a guide who will accompany you and your members on a hike or a visit to another geographical feature that is located inland. You could also have a guide accompany you on a themed walking tour that will involve visiting various restaurants, museums, entertainment venues, or shopping centers.

Before you pick a specific tour type, consider your preferences and the preferences of your group members. If everyone is relatively fit and is up for a bit of adventure, a tour that will involve trekking through the woods or walking through a town may be of interest. If the ages of your tour group members vary, or some people aren't receptive to being on their feet all day, a nice tour that involves lounging on a boat deck or being shuttled around in a vehicle may be preferred. 

Stops On The Tour

Preparing an itinerary for your tour guide is essential. The guide will need to delegate a plan that will involve stopping at all of the places of interest in a particular order. A guide's knowledge of the area will help them formulate a plan that will allow each stop to be made in succession. If you will be walking along a specific road, the guide will point out the location of each place of interest and will inquire how you and your tour group members plan to spend your time while visiting each one.

A tour guide may charge a flat rate for the private tour. They may also charge you a rate that will be based on the cost of admission for each place that you will be stopping at and the overall amount of time that the tour will take. Your guide can advise you on what types of things you and your group members should bring on a tour, including the type of clothing and footwear to select. 

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