A Peaceful Vacation

A Peaceful Vacation

Historic Sights To See On A Tour Of St. Thomas

by Avery Garrett

Many tours of St. Thomas focus on its beaches and natural wonders. Indeed, this island boasts incredible natural beauty, and its nature is worth seeing. However, St. Thomas is also home to some really interesting historic sights that are worth seeing on your tour. Try looking for tours that visit one or more of these historic places.

Fort Christian

Fort Christian was built in the late 1600s and is an entry on the National Register of Historic Places. It was originally owned and built by the Norwegians but came under U.S. administration in the 1900s. Today, you can walk through the fort, which has been preserved as a museum, and see all sorts of artifacts from the period during which the Norwegians occupied St. Thomas. This isn't a museum you need to spend a whole day at, but if you can find a tour that stops here for an hour or two, you should find plenty to see and learn from.

Blackbeard's Castle

You may have heard of the infamous pirate called Blackbeard. If so, you need to find a tour that stops at his castle! Blackbeard, whose real name was Edward Teach, terrorized the Caribbean islands in the 1700s, and rumor has it that he used to use this castle as his lookout. You can walk around the grounds and climb up into the tower. Along the way, you will learn more about Caribbean piracy and the methods pirates used to sneakily use back in the day. This is a fun one to visit with kids.

Bluebeard's Tower

Bluebeard may not be as well known as Blackbeard, but he was another pirate who sailed the Caribbean years ago. At Bluebeard's Tower, you will see an ancient pirate's sword that is encrusted with barnacles. The big attraction here, however, is the rooftop. From the roof, you can look down over the entire island of St. Thomas, giving you a whole new perspective. A tour that stops here for an hour or so should give you enough time to climb to the top, enjoy a good look, and browse a few artifacts.

St. Thomas has a really interesting history that's well worth learning about if you're planning a visit. Look for tours that stop by one of the sights above. It can be a good way to take a break from the beaches and water while staying on St. Thomas.

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