A Peaceful Vacation

A Peaceful Vacation

Top Reasons to Use Short-Term Airport Parking Reservations

by Avery Garrett

If you haven't traveled a lot through airports, you will find that many of the major airports will have parking lots that offer parking for varying time durations from long-term to short-term parking.

If you only need a short-term parking solution you might want to check out the airport's hourly airport parking reservations offering. This can provide you with short-term parking at a good rate. Here are some top reasons to consider short-term airport parking reservations.

1. It's Often Cheaper And More Convenient

While you might think that hiring a taxi or taking rideshare like an Uber might be the cheaper option, this isn't always the case. Some airports only allow for certain taxi companies to service them for a fee and your preferred taxi company might not be one of them.

It can also be more expensive to take a taxi to the airport because it's not just the ride you are paying for, it will be the fee the taxi company pays to access those passengers at the airport. The taxi company will often integrate that fee into the final price you will pay for the ride.

The same is true for ride-sharing companies. Some airports don't allow Uber or Lyft to service passengers onsite. You may have to walk a bit of a distance off the airport's property to access a rideshare service.

It's often better to use the hourly airport parking reservations system and use your car instead. You can book a spot in advance, and not have to go too far away from the airport. It makes it easier to unload baggage and access the airport for a fair price.

2. It's Easier to Book

When you use an hourly airport parking reservations system you will find that they are easy to use. You simply access the website or download the app. The booking system will walk you through the dates you need to reserve your spot for, and the length of time you will be there. The app will book the spot for you and send you the confirmation. You can have the option of paying online or through the app. If you prefer, you can still pay in person at the booth.

It may be possible to extend your reservation as well if the flight is delayed and you need more time. This is helpful if you are dropping off passengers and are waiting with them before they board.


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