A Peaceful Vacation

A Peaceful Vacation

Vacation Property Rental Management: Boosting Revenue

by Avery Garrett

If you've invested in a vacation rental property, maximizing your revenue can be all about listing and pricing. Experienced vacation property rental management can help you make adjustments to how you list and price your vacation rental properties to optimize your earning potential. 

Here are some subtle changes that can help you make more money from your vacation rental property management. 


With so many vacation rental properties available in most markets, attracting the right type of guests is about making a great first impression.

Professional Pictures

Today's vacation rental property guests are often willing to pay more for first-class accommodations. Many of the best vacation property rental management companies will hire a professional photography team to create a collage of photos and videos to tantalize your potential guests. This is particularly important when you're trying to attract guests who are willing to pay more for their vacation rental bookings. 


One of the operative words in vacation rental property is vacation. When guests book a stay at your vacation rental property they're often willing to pay more for experiences that define their vacations. Your vacation rental property management team can work with local guides, attractions, and businesses to create a variety of experiences that guests can enjoy when they book a stay at your property. Having photos, guest testimonials, and experience options on your listing, can drastically increase your average booking price per stay.


Owning a vacation rental property can be fraught with unexpected costs. You can recoup so of these costs by pricing your vacation rental property appropriately.

Damage Deposit

Many vacation rental property owners don't require a large enough security deposit to cover serious damage. In fact, many guests target vacation rental properties that do not require large security deposits in order to host big parties or unsanctioned gatherings. In these circumstances, they discontinue their account and flee before you can recover damages. A vacation rental property management company can help you introduce variable damage deposits depending on a guest's digital footprint, credit history, and other factors. 

Cleaning Fees 

Another common mistake made by vacation rental property investors is undercharging for cleaning. When you undercharge your customers, you often end up choosing cleaning companies that don't adequately get the job done. A vacation rental property management team can increase your cleaning fee, while also building a strong relationship with an established cleaning company in your area. These partnerships can keep your property cleaner, which can boost your satisfaction scores and reviews.    


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