A Peaceful Vacation

A Peaceful Vacation

3 Preparation Tips For Making The Most Of Your Wine Tour

by Avery Garrett

If you are planning on going on a wine tour, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to prepare for your trip. If so, use one or more of these tips before you head out so you can make the most of your wine tour experience.

Forego The Perfume Or Cologne

Since part of wine tasting involves breathing in the exquisite aromas of each wine, you may want to forego any perfume or cologne for your trip. If you wear a strong-smelling scent, you may not be able to fully enjoy the rich body of a glass of dark burgundy or the light, oaky fragrance of chardonnay. 

Along with any perfume or cologne, avoid any strong shampoos or body soaps the morning of your tour. Instead, choose unscented or lightly fragranced toiletries that are not likely to interfere with the aromas of the wines you will be tasting.

Avoid Drinking Strong-Smelling Or -Tasting Beverages

Before you head out on your wine tour, you want your palate to be as clean as possible so you can fully enjoy the flavors of the wines. To do this, avoid drinking strong-smelling or -tasting beverages before your trip that may linger on your taste buds. These include coffee, tea, and fruity drinks like punch or orange juice.

If you like to drink coffee or tea in the morning, make sure you do so a few hours before the start of your wine tour. Then, make sure you thoroughly brush your tongue and teeth before you go on the tour.

Plan On Taking And Drinking Plenty Of Water

Before and during your tour, plan on drinking plenty of water. Drinking water during a wine tour serves two purposes. First, it helps clean your palate so you can appreciate each wine as a separate beverage without having one sample interfere with the flavor of the next.

Second, since wine is an alcoholic beverage, it does have a tendency to dry out your body. Drinking plenty of water before and during your tour helps counteract this effect, helping you avoid the weakness and headache caused by dehydration.

Preparing for your wine tour using one or more of the above tips can help enhance the enjoyment of your experience. You may want to contact the winery conducting the wine tour to ask for further advice on how to prepare for your day trip. For more information on wine tours, contact a company like Ambassador Limousine.


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