A Peaceful Vacation

A Peaceful Vacation

Planning Your European Vacation? 4 Reasons You Should Choose a River Cruise

by Avery Garrett

If it's time to plan your next European vacation, you need to put a river cruise on the top of your list. River cruises are nothing like the traditional open-ocean cruises you might have experienced before. In fact, they're nothing like any vacation you've ever taken before. Exploring Europe via rivers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you shouldn't pass up. Not sure a river cruise is right for you? Here are just four of the reasons why it's definitely the right vacation choice.

Enjoy a Vacation Filled with Amazing Food

If you enjoy good food, you've got to take a river cruise. Your entire adventure will be filled with amazing food that comes right from the region you're touring. Each meal will provide you with several different menu items you can choose from, and they'll be paired with just the right wine selections. Beers, draughts and lager's more to your liking? You'll find plenty of those to choose from on your river tour, as well.

No Packing and Unpacking to Deal With

If you're tired of spending your vacation packing, unpacking, and hailing cabs to your next destination, don't worry. With a river cruise, you'll only have to unpack and pack twice. Once when you arrive, and once when you're ready to head home. You'll spend your entire cruise in a luxury stateroom, with beautiful views of the countryside you pass through.

No Hidden Costs to Spoil the Fun

Hidden costs can destroy a vacation, especially if those hidden costs include food and beverages. If you're tired of being surprised by hidden vacation costs, it's time to book a European river cruise. When you plan your vacation, and book your tour, you'll know what all the costs are up-front. That means once you pay for your vacation, you'll know that everything is taken care of.

Plenty of Time for Exploring

With ordinary sea cruises, it can take days to get to a port-of-call. Once you're there, you might only have a few hours to go exploring. When you travel on a river cruise, you'll enjoy the luxury of spending a full day – sometimes more – at each destination. That will give you plenty of time to go sightseeing, and pick up a few souvenirs for your friends and family back home.

Now that it's time to plan your European vacation, make the most of the time you'll have. To learn more, contact local viking river cruise agents.


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