A Peaceful Vacation

A Peaceful Vacation

4 Must-See Sights on Your Trip to Ghana

by Avery Garrett

If you're planning a trip to Africa, Ghana, then you might be wondering what to see. Some people think that the only thing to do in Africa is to go on safari. While that's certainly fun and something you should take advantage of while you're touring the continent, it's not the only thing you can do. For instance, Ghana has some really beautiful castles and forts and also beautiful beaches and coastline. Here are four amazing places to consider when you are booking a trip to Ghana.

Axim Beach

Ghana lies on the coast and therefore has some beautiful beaches. One of the most interesting places to visit is Axim. It's a cool place to visit because it not only has the gorgeous beaches but also is a very popular fishing area. The locals make their money by fishing, so you can tour around an authentic fishing village. There is also a rubber plantation and coconut plantation to visit. While you're in Axim, you can rent a small bungalow right on the beach and wake up to the sound of the water.

Cape Coast Castle

This is a huge castle that was originally built by the Dutch to be used as a base for their dealings in Ghana. At first, the attraction to the area was the gold dust. Dutch traders looked to trade for both gold dust as well as the much-prized mahogany wood. However, later the castle became involved in the slave trade. It was retrofitted with dungeons to house the slaves. The enslaved were held in the dungeons while they awaited transport overseas.

The castle has been restored and it is now listed as a UNESCO world-heritage site. It is currently a museum where you can learn about the history of the slave trade in Ghana.

St. George Castle

This is another castle that has a history tied to the slave trade. It was the first European building constructed in this part of Africa. This particular castle was built by the Portuguese in order to have a base in the area for gold trading. However, as with Cape Coast Castle, this building also turned into a site that held enslaved persons. The building is currently a museum.

Kakum National Park

You should definitely not miss out on Kakum National Park. This is a beautiful nature reserve where you can see monkeys, parrots, and civets and even walk on high bridges that take you through the forest canopy. You can even get a guided tour so that you will have someone on hand to point out the rare plants and the different animals.


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