A Peaceful Vacation

A Peaceful Vacation

Ride To The Airport In Style ... But Don't Forget To Tip

by Avery Garrett

Hopping on a shuttle for the trip between your hotel and the airport drastically reduces the stress of fighting through traffic, looking for parking and hurrying to your gate on time. Even if you're in a rush to hop off the shuttle and begin the process of checking in for your flight, it's polite to convey your gratitude to the shuttle driver by handing him or her a tip and saying "thank you." If you're inexperienced with airport shuttle travel, you might feel daunted when trying to decide how much to tip. The answer, however, is simple and important to understand, especially if you plan on traveling frequently.

Tip To Convey Thanks

Tipping is conventional when you use many methods of transportation, including an airport shuttle. In an interview published on the travel website Independent Traveler, etiquette expert Lizzie Post of the Emily Post Institute recommends tipping shuttle drivers a base amount of $1 to $2. If you're traveling with your spouse, partner or children, it's appropriate to tip this amount per person in your group.

Consider Your Luggage

In addition to making sure you reach your destination on time, shuttle drivers are also responsible for helping travelers with their luggage. It's customary for your shuttle driver to load your suitcases at the start of your ride and unload them at the end -- and this kind act should warrant a slightly larger tip. Budget Travel magazine suggests tipping "a few bucks" if you're traveling with luggage that is extremely heavy. Because it's proper etiquette to tip for this service, do not accept the driver's offer to help with your luggage if you aren't prepared to reciprocate with a tip.

Notice The Extras

An extra courtesy from the driver can be worth a little more when you tip. Although the exact amount by which you increase the tip depends on the situation, it can be appropriate to give another $1 if the driver holds the shuttle to accommodate you if you're running late or if the driver provides some insider information about a restaurant or attraction in the city.

Tip With Cash

Because many airport shuttles are complimentary for hotel guests, the simplest approach is to travel with small-denomination bills to allow you to tip with cash. If you haven't received help with your luggage, tip the driver when you leave the shuttle. Otherwise, hand him or her the tip once you're handed your suitcases. Some shuttles also have a tip jar near the driver's seat -- look for this jar when you board the shuttle and use it if desired.  For more information, contact a professional like Broadway Cab.


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