A Peaceful Vacation

A Peaceful Vacation

What To Look For In Moorage Services In Seattle WA

by Avery Garrett

If you own a watercraft, especially an expensive one, there is no doubt that you want the best service from a company that provides moorage services in Seattle WA. Moorage is a method of securing a watercraft by tying it to a permanent structure called a mooring. The watercraft should be able to move freely in the water while the watercraft is secured to the mooring. A mooring can be things such as a shore fixture, a pile, a pier or a permanent anchor. The mooring lines of the watercraft are tied to the mooring. The mooring lines can be made out materials such as nylon, Kevlar, rope and wire rope. When you search for moorage services in Seattle WA, you will need to consider the size of your watercraft and the type and number of mooring lines you have. To get the best service for the temporary or long-term storage of your boat, you'll want to be sure to choose moorage services in Seattle WA that provides a wide range of various types of services. Given that you probably spent a lot of money on your watercraft, one of the top Seattle WA moorage services to look for is security. Security measures at the various moorage services in Seattle WA may be vastly different, so take your time to see which service provides the best in security. Security measures to look for includes the use of surveillance cameras that are watched by a security guard. The area should have adequate lighting to help prevent criminal activity. Some places have electronic security gates so that only authorized people such as yourself are able to enter the area. Other features and services that you may be interested in making sure that the moorage service provides have to do with getting your watercraft into and out of the water. Is there a crane on the premises? Are they able to lift your watercraft out of the water and onto land? Do they have the ability to tow or haul your watercraft to your trailer and vehicle? Of course, this largely depends on the type and size of your watercraft. Another question you may want to be sure to ask is whether or not they have dry storage capabilities. A dry storage facility is where you'll want your watercraft to be if you aren't planning on using your watercraft for an extended period of time. Depending on how long you watercraft will be there, you may want to consider choosing to have repair and maintenance services done on your watercraft while it is stored either on the water or in dry storage. Some places have personnel on staff to conduct maintenance on watercraft to get them ready for the next season, or repairs on watercraft that need repairs. If they don't provide these types of services you will need to hire an outside watercraft mechanic. If you are using moorage services on a temporary basis, such as if you are only going to be in Seattle for a short period of time during your extensive oceanic travels, you will want to be sure to get more information about the amenities on the grounds. Laundry facilities and shower facilities are provided by some moorage services for their guests who are only staying in port temporarily. Other types of services that you may want to look for may include a gift shop, a convenience store, and a propane gas tank exchange. As you can see from this article, there are many options available from the various moorage services in Seattle WA, so don't limit yourself to a place that only offers the basics. After all, you want the best for your watercraft and yourself.


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